Informed Consent

The purpose of an exercise programme or class is to help you achieve health and fitness goals.
You will be set a programme or follow class based upon your present activity/exercise levels and your stated goals.
A number of options will be offered for various difficulty levels.

You will experience some feelings of exertion during each activity and may become hot and uncomfortable at times.
If your plan or class includes certain types of cardiovascular exercise you can expect your breathing to become more rapid and your heart rate to increase.
As your fitness improves, your goals may lead you to participate in more vigorous levels of activity but these should remain within your capabilities.
All activities will be explained to you and demonstrated but you should feel free to ask any questions you may have.
Any exercise programme carries with it an element of risk. The sessions are designed to minimise risk yet, at the same time, provide an effective exercise/activity programme.

Please inform the instructor if there is any reason why you should not participate in an activity (e.g. If you have an illness or an injury which might be aggravated by exercise).
If, at any time, you feel undue pain or excessive discomfort stop the activity immediately and inform the instructor of your symptoms.

You are free to withdraw from any activity at any time you wish.

I agree to take part in the programme described to me by the instructor.
The nature, purpose, risks and benefits have been explained to me and I understand what is required of me and that I may withdraw at any time.